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The Balancer is used to develop movement coordination and motor activity. It can be used as a sports or play element, and is also used in therapy of children. The balance is especially recommended for children with impaired motor coordination. First of all, to keep weight on the balance sheet is work with the cerebellum. And the main functions of the cerebellum are coordination of movements, regulation of balance. muscle tone regulation and muscle memory. In the set of a wooden ball, which must be held on the board so that it does not roll away. Exercises on the balance sheet will allow to develop: coordination of movements, agility, large motor skills, develop the concentration of the view on the moving object, helps to strengthen the vestibular apparatus of the child. Also, during the game, the muscles of the foot, back, legs are strengthened.
Circle diameter 50 cm, total thickness 37 mm, platform thickness 12 mm, load capacity 100 kg.