Wooden suveniers

Do you plan to make an original, exclusive and memorable gift? Does your organization need uncommon promotional items? Do you want to embody your ideas in wood? We will help you to produce an exclusive gift according to your own sketches, drawings and photographs.

Wooden gifts are especially popular as wood allows you to create real masterpieces. If you decide to make such wooden gift, you can be sure it will become a special item containing a part of your soul. For us there are no impossible tasks, everything is limited by your imagination only.

Flat surface veneering

Products from natural wood transform and decorate your home. Each of us wants his house to be smart, stylish, cozy, and peculiar. But sometimes, we’re limited in budget and time. If you want to give your house products the look of natural wood, veneering will help you to get closer to your wishes. Thanks to the development of production technologies, today we can transform our products with the help of modern materials that have high performance characteristics, yet perfectly imitate natural wood visually. Veneering will help to update old things or make them unique, styled on natural wood. What are the benefits of veneering? Why is this type of decoration so popular? Firstly, veneer panels (plates made of natural high-quality wood) are quite budgetary. Secondly, such panels are lightweight and quite practical which makes them most convenient for flat surface veneering. We will help you to achieve the perfect result with minimal investment. We will veneer custom flat surfaces that will make your products original, special, created exclusively in accordance with your wishes and tastes.


Do you want to make your gift more special, attach additional significance in the eyes of the hero of the occasion, put a piece of your soul in the gift, express your attitude to the person you are gifting? Do you want to impress with an unforgettable, original gift? Or maybe you want to personalize corporate gifts, give a corporate identity to wood products? We will gladly help you by applying any image or inscription to the present you prepared using screen printing. Screen printing is ready to turn every product into an art object worthy of admiration. The durability, fullness and brightness of the color reproduction are the qualities that distinguish screen printing from many other methods. The originality and quality of your gift will delight even the most demanding critics.

Custom-made toys

Nevertheless, the main component of our work lies in the production of educational wooden toys for your children. However, the best toy will undoubtedly be the one that you came up with your child together; the one that you invent considering the nature and temperament of your child. And, obviously, such educational toys can only be created by loving and attentive parents. We will help you to make wooden games and manuals according to your sketches invented with love and care, so that you can direct the development of the child on the right track. Made of wood and covered with varnishes and serigraphy inks appraised by experts, toys carry positive energy and are absolutely safe for young explorers who know the world not only by touch, but also by taste. Your child and you will enjoy the activity with such developmental toys.