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  • Custom design souvenirs
  • Production of boxes of various types
  • Flat surface veneering
  • Serigraphy
  • Custom-made toys

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LAM JLLC  is a company specializing in the production of educational wooden toys for preschool children, as well as other wooden products. Since 1992 LAM JLLC  creates universal multifunctional educational toys that gained popularity not only among children and their parents, but also among teachers, psychologists, and other specialists in inclusive education in many countries of Western Europe, the East, and the United States. What makes them so popular? First of all, in our work we strive to meet the desire of each parent to select a really high-quality and useful toy for their child. It’s well known that children learn during the game process. While playing, they get to know the world around them and enrich their skills. Early development constitutes the foundation of personal and intellectual development, facilities for new knowledge, and the ability to advance independently. LAM JLLC  produces children's wooden toys that develop logical thinking in preschoolers. The toys we make are developed according to the Montessori system and intended for the development of fine motor skills, logical and spatial thinking of the child, as well as stimulation of learning abilities. An important component of the toys success is their quality and safety. Made of wood and covered with varnishes and serigraphy inks appraised by experts, they carry positive energy and are absolutely safe for young explorers who know the world not only by touch, but also by taste. LAM JLLC  natural wooden educational toys undergo a multi-stage quality control system: the entry quality control of materials, operational control during the production process and quality control when products arrive at the warehouse. A wide range of toys allows to use them as Montessori materials not only during individual lessons of parents and children, but also in preschools.